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Why Advertise…

with Rising Sun Billboards?

  1. Consumers will SEE your message!
    They have no choice: no channel changing, flipping the page or “grammin” out here! They’ll get your message – front and centre!
  2. Rising Sun Supersized Billboards WORK!
    According to a 2017 Nielsen Report, outdoor advertising drives more online activity than any other offline medium – more than TV, print or radio.
  3. Rising Sun Supersized Billboards make you LOOK GOOD!
    An impactful billboard gives your consumers a positive image of your business. You can look credible, competent and professional.
  4. Rising Sun Supersized Billboards are incredibly COST EFFECTIVE!
    Your strong impactful message is seen all day, every day, 365 days of the year! Your message reaches up to 80,000 people per week at an extremely affordable cost: 80% less than TV, 60% less than print, 50% less than radio – more effective than all three!

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