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Personalized Design Services

Rising Sun Billboards provides personalized service through every step of designing, producing, installing and maintaining your billboard advertising campaign. We use the latest vinyl skin technology, producing a seamless, durable vinyl surface that provides long-term advertising performance.

Production includes up to three hours of graphic design time to help you create a billboard that is unforgettable.

Sending Files

  1. If you’re sending files < 10MB please email them
  2. If you’re sending files > 10MB
    1. Send files via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc
    2. Load your files onto a USB and drop it off
    3. FTP your files into our client FTP area:
      HOST: ftp.risingsunbillboards.com PORT 21
      USERNAME: uploads@risingsunbillboards.com
      PASSWORD: Contact us for password

Our professionals will assist you in creating your billboard in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose the most effective billboard location
  2. Create a message and image that can be conveyed in 7-10 seconds
  3. Ensure logo/image is clearly visible
  4. Consider reflective copy or solar lighting upgrades for nighttime visibility

Along the way, we can discuss decisions about font size and style, colour palette and background to help you convey your company’s central message with impact.

Rising Sun Supersized Billboards has original or stock photography services available.

Rising Sun Billboards 250-341-7316